Tips to improve and promote sleep during pregnancy:

There are several tips that goes beyond the choice of the mattress but which help improve and promote sleep during the nine months:

•    Maintain a healthy diet and do physical exercise to avoid the risk of leg cramps.

•    Especially in the evening avoid thinking foods.

•    Drink an herbal tea or a cup of warm milk before going to sleep to reconcile.

•    Take the supplements if prescribed by the gynecologist.

•    If you suffer from heartburn you should use more pillows to support your head during sleep.

•    Avoid caffeinated beverages especially before going to bed.

•    Make the bedroom as relaxing as possible.

•    To combine sleep, read a good book or listen to relaxing music.

•    Wear comfortable pajamas or nightgowns.

•    Think positive and avoid thinking about problems during the evening.

•    A comfortable temperature must be maintained in the bedroom. During pregnancy, the woman generates an excessive amount of heat. It is good to keep this element in mind before too warm the environment.

Can the mattress that you buy during pregnancy be used even after pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an event that can act as a stimulus to change the mattress. The mattress is an important purchase even from an economic point of view, so it is obvious that the mattress that is purchased for this occasion will be used even after the nine months of waiting. Find out everything about mattress stores at Bestmattress-brand on the reputed blog here.

And even after that, it will continue to offer those features and the quality that led to its purchase. Even in the postpartum phase, the woman’s body continues its mutation, this time “backward” to return to the starting state, so the principle of differentiated support remains unchanged.

Will the mattress suitable for pregnancy be appropriate to accommodate the baby in case I want him to sleep?

If you opt for the choice of having the baby, it is first of all appropriate to adopt all the safety measures provided for these cases. As far as the mattress is concerned, if you sleep with your newborn it is essential to choose hypoallergenic and antibacterial coatings, avoid the pillow (use the ones suitable for breastfeeding) and avoid bulky duvets and blankets.