The ideal box spring mattress – as you will find it!

If you’ve ever been in a box spring bed, you know: lying comfort on a box spring mattress is superb. On the one hand, this is due to the special base of the bed, which consists of a combination of a mattress and a solid wooden frame and is also known as a spring frame, box spring or box. This box supports surface elasticity and thus ensures the typical box spring bed feeling. On the other hand, the level is also responsible for the high comfort: The special box spring mattress, which rests on the box. What distinguishes them and how they recognize quality mattresses, read here.

This is what it looks like in your box spring mattress

Usually, you will find box spring beds with pocket spring mattress. If you know the good qualities of this type of mattress, it hardly astonishes you. The term pocket spring core indicates the design: The springs inside this special mattress are sewn into individual pockets, which are then glued or stapled to a mattress in the desired size. That ensures stability. So that the springs are not noticeable when lying, there is a cover over it, for example, made of cold foam. For an anatomically favorable lying position, good box spring mattresses are divided into zones.

Better sleep thanks to ideal support features of the box spring mattress

Box spring mattresses with pocket spring core have high point elasticity. That is, the body is supported in exactly the places where it is needed, for example on the shoulders, head, and pelvis. Another advantage is the good moisture-regulating properties of pocket spring mattresses, which is why they are especially suitable for people who sweat heavily at night. Do not miss to visit our website and Find out more info at Bestmattress-brand.orgĀ 


Alternatives to box spring mattress with spring core

Box spring mattresses with spring core are not recommended for everyone without restriction. If you freeze a bit at night, you should either switch to another type of mattress or put on a topper, for example, made of visco foam – it will keep you warm.